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The Palaver Report - Case Reviews

These words of 18th century English jurist William Blackstone, resonate just as loudly today, as they did back then in relation to the magnitude of the injustice, created by imprisoning innocent people! But what do we know about the causes of wrongful convictions in South Africa, and what can be done to achieve justice for innocent people who are languishing behind bars? We took a tremendous interest in a case that took place in 2013. However, the planning and plotting happened back in 2009 already. David De Villiers, the owner of MSA Model Management and Agency, was facing a life sentence for allegedly raping a minor, exposing his children to child pornography, sexual assaulting and defrauding some of them, including a business associate. The Rensly's, and David worked together from 2008 until mid-2009 when they had a fallout at an event in Rustenburg. It was there where David was promised that he would be taken out. Little did he know it would be where he would be removed from society forever. The Palaver report will show you that Dawie was not guilty of this crime. www.palaver.co.za

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